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Railroad Law

This law was first created in the early years of the Industrial Revolution, set in motion by President Abraham Lincoln, to have protections in place for the exponentially growing railroad industry. At that time, many railroad workers were suffering horrible injuries, or even losing their lives. Before President Lincoln and the Congress put this law into effect, there was literally no hope for victims and their families to seek compensation for their anguish. Much like the laws that protect the open sea, the unusually dangerous nature of life on the railroad has been offset by this law, as it ensures financial security for railroad workers. Personal injury almost always accompanies cases in which railroads and trains are involved. Blake Bailey is known for his prowess in the realm of personal injury, and he can get you the settlement you deserve.

  • Hazardous Material
  • Employee Claims
  • Product Liability
  • Failure to Obey Signs
  • Railroad Crossing Accidents
  • Freight Car Malfunctions
  • Locomotive Malfunctions
  • Railroad Track Malfunctions

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