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As a certified mediator and arbitrator, Blake Bailey has nearly 50 years of experience in litigation and appeals, both in state and federal courts. Blake Bailey, of Tyler, TX, has spent his life traveling the globe, teaching and mentoring other lawyers.

Bailey was born in Marlin, TX. He graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in Business and then attended Baylor Law School. Upon completion of his law degree, Baylor awarded him The Counsellor Award because of his success in trial and appellate cases. After graduating he moved to Henderson, TX, where he worked with a group of trial lawyers before settling in Tyler, TX. Since then he has been recognized as one of the top lawyers in the country, even being named to Fortune magazine’s Top. 500 lawyers in America. He has tried well 150 cases to jury verdict. He has been board certified in both trial and appellate law and has lectured at various law schools and professional legal groups in Texas.

More recently Bailey has taught for the Center for International Legal Studies and has lectured in numerous law schools around the globe not only about relevant legal issues in the United States but civil and appellate law throughout the world.

Blake understands how to find a favorable settlement that works for all sides. His unmatched trial and appellate experience provide him with a unique insight as to the ultimate consequences if a case is not settled.

Blake takes the time to truly understand his clients so that he can create a curated solution for both parties. His nearly fifty years of trial experience gives him a unique insight into both people and how to design an agreement where everyone can be satisfied.

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  • American Board of Trial Advocates Diplomat
  • Member of Texas Trial Lawyers Association
  • Former President of East Texas Trial Lawyers Association
  • American Bar Association Sustaining Member
  • Texas Bar Association Membership No. 01514500
  • Union Privilege Legal Counsel AFL/CIO Cooperative Attorney

The Bailey Difference – 50/50 Isn’t Always Fair

Don’t divide the orange…

The most successful way to settle a dispute is also often the most counterintuitive one. It can be illustrated by the story of the children with the orange:

Two kids had one to split. They both wanted the whole orange but were forced to compromise. So they divided the orange in half, and each child took their halves home. One child ate the orange and threw away his peel. The other child ground up the peel to make a cake and threw out the inside of the orange.

Both children could have had 100% of what they wanted from the deal had they taken the time to listen.

This simple story is an example of how to properly approach mediations and arbitrations. Many people spend their time putting together arguments when the other is talking which in turn prevents them from listening. As a result, sometimes the subtle motivations of the parties are overlooked. One of the sophisticated responsibilities of an arbitrator or mediator is to bring out even the most subtle motivations of the parties and incorporate that awareness into the discussion so that the terms of an agreement can be reached.

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